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Powerman Virtual Challenge: How to participate

01. February 2021 (07:58 Uhr)

The idea is to provide all Powerman athletes, runners and cyclists around the world in these times of social distancing a motivating opportunity and athletic goal. Our motivation is: to be united in duathlon and run / bike / run towards a common goal.
Independent from nationality, age, location or training level you have the chance to contribute with your individual running and/or biking activity (indoor or outdoor) to our challenge goal.


Together we want to achieve: 10.000 km of running - 60.000 km of biking - 10.000km of running.
This equals the distance of moving 2 times around the world or 1.000 Powerman Classics!

The POWERMAN VIRTUAL CHALLENGE starts on February 5th, 0:00 am and ends on March 5th, 11:59 pm
All running and biking activities have to be accomplished within this time frame to be valid!

That's the great news! EVERYONE can participate and become a valuable contributor to our GOAL! 
Just make sure that you train in alignment of the current Cov-19 pandemic regularities from your country. By using your GPS-watch / bike computer / smart trainer you can track your activities (running or biking) and upload your distances via link to our platform.

What for?
Together we want to achieve: 10.000 km of running - 60.000 km of biking - 10.000km of running. 
It's not about time or speed; being first or last. It's about the idea of being united in the sport we love and strive for a common goal as Powerman community.

How to track?
You can track your running or biking distance with smart devices such as GPS watch, bike computer, smart trainer etc. Preferrably, you are connected to training platforms such as STRAVA, Garmin, POLAR or Komoot. Other apps are possible, too. Make sure that your activity is visible publicly.

Upload of running and biking activities

  1. Do your training session and upload your activity to one of the training platforms you use!
  2. Visit our platform and select your challenge discipline
  3. There is no pre-registration needed
  4. Copy the activity link from your training log on STRAVA, Polar, Garmin etc.
  5. Upload the link of your running or biking activity to our platform
  6. Once uploaded, we review and confirm your activity
  7. Each distance uploaded will count towards the POWERMAN VIRTUAL CHALLENGE GOAL and your personal accomplished distance
  8. There is no upload limit, so feel free to share as many workout sessions as you like

Once your uploaded activity is confirmed, you can download your individual challenge certificate with your current accomplished distance!

What's not okay?
Please let's be fair sportsmen / sportswomen and stick to running and biking. Tracking your car drive, motor cycle tour etc. is not allowed!

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