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Interview with Sander Heemeryck

26. May 2021 (08:44 Uhr)

Hello Sander,

in preview to Powerman Alsdorf in August 2021, we would like to introduce our athletes and get to know them:

Please, introduce yourself and highlight some important moments/successes as athlete!
My name is Sander Heemeryck, I’m a 27 year old triathlete and duathlete and work as a sport teacher in a school in Brussels. My focus is on triathlon but I love also to do some duathlon races. 

How did you become a duathlete?
I started with athletics but because of the many injuries I’ve had over the years I started with cycling and swimming. After 8 years of running I was searching for some new targets. I found these targets in triathlon and duathlon. My brother, who is a professional triathlete, gave me motivation to start with triathlon. 

How often did you compete at Powerman Alsdorf and what is you personal highlight of this particular race? (course, spectators, atmosphere, competitors…)
Normally I would have started in Alsdorf last year. But because of the whole Corona situation this did not happen. I heard some positive reactions so I definitely want to start next year. 

Have you participated in any other Powerman World Series races? If so, what is your „don’t-miss-race“? 
No, I never participated in a Powerman race. The Powerman Zoffingen is definitely the race that is on my bucketlist. 

How does a typical training week looks like in your preparation for a Powerman race (apr. 2 month proir to the race)?
My training programm is in the hands of Frederik Van Lierde, who I trust and who will prepare me in the best possible way.

Despite the current uncertainties of racing in 2021, do you have a competiton schedule in mind?
For 2021 my race schedule is uncertain. Normally I will do some triathlons in Belgium. But I hope to do the Powerman races in Alsdorf and Viborg. 

Last but not least: What are your best advices for athletes who want to participate in a Powerman race?
My best advice would be to enjoy the race. Never forget to enjoy the journey you’re on. 

Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights with us! 

We are excited to see you racing in Alsdorf on August 15th, 2021.

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