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Interview with 25-times Powerman, Peter Ellis

23. April 2021 (18:24 Uhr)

Hello Peter!
In preview to Powerman Alsdorf in August 2021, we would like to introduce our athletes and get to know them:

Please, introduce yourself and highlight some importantmoments/successes as athlete!
Hi, I’m Peter Ellis from Great Britain and currently serving in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft technician. In 2019 I finished 2nd in the Powerman World Series and have won four World Series races in Sweden, Michigan (x2) and Hawaii. My wife and I have recently had our first child Isla who has brought some much needed excitement in these difficult times.

How did you become a duathlete?
I started running to improve my fitness prior to joining the Royal Air Force as I wasn’t particularly fit or sporty as a child. I enjoyed the challenge and was motivated by racing and seeing improvements in my performances. In 2012 I had achieved all I felt I could in the single sport of running and made the move to focus on duathlons. There was a lot to learn but I relished in this new found sport and enjoyed trying to perfect the balance between run and bike training and understanding how each affected the other in racing performances. 

From your personal perspective, what is special about therun-bike-run format of Powerman World Series?
The run bike run format of Powerman puts a roughly equal emphasis on both running and biking disciplines unlike that of most triathlons. This makes it a true balance of both and without drafting makes all the races a true test of personal performance.

How often did you compete at Powerman Alsdorf and what is you personal highlight of this particular race? (course, spectators, atmosphere, competitors…)
I competed in the first Powerman Alsdorf in 2018. The atmosphere and buzz around the race was amongst the best in the World Series. The welcome we received from the local population and organisers was outstanding, making the event even more special to be part of. The race itself was really well organised and highly competitive and I enjoyed the mix of fast and technical sections on the bike course.

Have you participated in any other Powerman World Series races? If so, what is your „don’t-miss-race“? 
I’ve competed in over 25 Powerman races all over the globe. All of them are different and have their own unique attractions but they are all tough and give you a real sense of achievement crossing the finish line. The brutal Zofingen has the history and legendary status, Hawaii provides a truly stunning location and Austria the ultimate bike course.

How does a typical training week looks like in yourpreparation for a Powerman race (approx. 2 month prior tothe race)?
With a new baby training at the moment is limited however I’m still making the most of the sessions that I do. In the build up to Powerman Alsdorf I will be training 15-20 hours a week around a full time job this includes a rest day to give my body the ability to recover and become stronger. Training includes a mix of intervals, endurance sessions, short brick sessions, recovery rides/runs and gym work. I find the brick sessions key to finishing strongly in the final run of the race. 

Despite the current uncertainties of racing in 2021, do youhave a competiton schedule in mind?
This years schedule is starting to come together, however I expect there to be lots of changes as circumstances change. It’s good to have target races to maintain the motivation to train hard on a daily basis. As well as Powerman Alsdorf I also plan to compete at Powerman Viborg and Mallorca.

Last but not least: What are your best advices for athleteswho want to participate in a Powerman race?
Practice everything you plan to do in the race in your training at some point. From the kit you plan to wear, the nutrition you plan to use and the longer endurance sessions needed by ensuring you have built your training up to include the amount of time you expect your race to take you.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights with us! Wewish you the best for your individual and athletic goals.

We are excited to see you racing in Alsdorf on August 15th, 2021.

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