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Great Announcement: Powerman Turkey will take place on June 5th 2021

24. December 2020 (10:28 Uhr)

POWERMAN, one of the most important and remarkable sports organizations of the world, will be held on June 5, 2021, in Turkey's most important tourism center: Kemer /Antalya.

Powerman is also world-wide recognized as the leading brand in duathlon ( run-bike-run)

As known; in recent years, there has been great effort in Turkey (especially Antalya), along with investment in sports, top-level sporting events: swimming, running, cycling and triathlon to provide great races and competitions for many athletes from around the world and Turkey. A new event is added to these organizations: Powerman
John Raadschelders, President of the International Powerman Association (I.P.A):
“Antalya is for me a well-known place. For sure, the local organizing team of Rossist will guarantee a great Powerman Turkey race in 2021. Athletes and friends will love to come for a training camp or vacation in Turkey and of course for Powerman Turkey organization.
If you’re tough enough….Be There!
They will be impressed by the nature and history of Antalya."

Powerman, which brings running and cycling together and is performed in different countries and cities of the world, will be held in Antalya's Kemer district under the name Powerman Turkey. Powerman Turkey, will be part of the Powerman World Series

Powerman Turkey will be carried out at 2 different distances on flat and asphalt surface. 
Powerman Classic, the long-distance race will be: 10 Km Run - 60 Km Bike - 10 Km Run. 

The short distance race, Powerman Short, will be: 5 Km Run - 30 Km Bike - 5 Km Run. 
Approximately 1000 athletes are expected to compete in Powerman Classic and Powerman Short.

Antalya's most important tourism centers, Kemer, is one of the world's most important tourism centers with its 100,000 bed capacity. Powerman Turkey, a dynamic sports organization where strength and endurance will stand out, will take place in Kemer, which is also a dynamic tourism center. Kemer will offer various alternatives to athletes with its history, culture, natural areas, sea, accommodation and logistics facilities, and will reveal all its wealth to the sports world with Powerman Turkey.

We, Rossist Event, the Kemer Municipality and Yedi Communications will be pleased to see you at our event. 

For details and registrations, you can visit www.powermanturkey.com from January 15th 2021.

Stay healthy

Polat Dede

CEO of Rossist Event


For more information about Powerman World Series contact secrpowerman@powerman.org 

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