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Final Race Information Powerman Portugal 2021

07. May 2021 (18:21 Uhr)

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All Powerman are qualifying races to Powerman European and to Powerman World Championship Duathlon Alsdorf - Zofingen Viborg

Please visit the website: www.powerman.org 
This second edition will take place in Mafra, 30k far from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This event will include Duathlon Long Distance Nacional Championship

Run description
Powerman Portugal 2nd Edition will take place on 9th May with the same challenge’s routes in the ideal scenery of Mafra. 

This event features the Powerman Classic/M.D. format: Run 10k – Bike 60k – run 10k and also Powerman Sprint distance: Run 5K –Bike 30 K- 5 K Run - as an Individual or as a Team Relay format. 

The village of Mafra is 30 minutes away from Lisbon airport by car.  And at 10 K from this town, you have the Atlantic coast with beautiful beaches. Mafra is mostly known for the sumptuous Royal Building of Mafra, which consists of a Palace integrating a Basilica, with its axial frontispiece uniting the King and the Queen wings, a Convent, the Cerco Garden and a Hunting Park (Tapada). It represents one of the most magnificent works undertaken by King João V, and one of the most important symbols of baroque architecture in Portugal. This unique monument, classified as a National Monument in 1910, was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, in 7 July 2019. 

Ericeira is a 10k far from Mafra and a popular beach destination, known for its natural beauty, welcoming atmosphere and delicious seafood.

Powerman Portugal includes two races: 
Powerman Portugal Middle Distance 1st run 10k (two laps) Bike 56,500k, 2nd run (two laps)
Powerman Portugal Sprint Distance 1st run 5k (one lap) Bike 28,300k (one las) 2nd run 5k (one lap) 

Powerman Portugal Schedule:

Friday: 7th May 
10h00 am to 06h00 pm |Race Office

Saturday: 8th May
10h00 am to 06h00 pm | Race Office 
02h00 pm to 04h30 pm | Check in Powerman - Transition area is open
Auditório Beatriz Costa de acordo com o seguinte horário:
17h00 | Portuguese Briefing 
17h45 | English Briefing 

GPS Coordinates: N 38º 56’24.10 W 9º 19’43.60

Sunday: 09th May 
06h30 am to 03h00 pm | Race Office 
07h00 am to 08h10 am | Check in Powerman - put the extra material in the transition area for both races. All athletes must be properly equipped
08h15 am | Athlete’s limit time
08h30 am | Starting of the races- in this order: Powerman Mafra Portugal Midle Distance Start  / Duathlon Long Distance Nacional Championship Start
09h00 am | Powerman Mafra - Portugal Sprint Distance Start 
11h00 am | Cut-off - Final 1st cycle lap 1
12h00 pm | Cycle 
11h30 pm | Race Final

12h00 pm | Check Out – Remove equipment and materials from the Transition Park. After the arrival of the last athlete in the cycling and after prior notice from the organization, the athletes will be able to access and pick up their PT material, displaying their bib of the transition park. The time limit for collecting will be 15 minutes after the last athlete has completed the race.
1h30 pm | Awards Ceremony Powerman and National Championship 

12h30 pm | Check Out – Remove equipment and materials from the Transition Park. After arrival of the last athlete in the cycling and after prior notice from the organization, the athletes will be able to access and pick up their PT material, displaying their bib of the transition park. The time limit for collecting will be 15 minutes after the last athlete has completed the race. 
This schedule can be modified.

COVID- 19 Procedures: 
1.   All the people involved in the event must use mask /mouth-nose face covering during all the event, except the starting and the finish line;
2. The Portugal Triathlon Federation would provide one mask to all athletes after the finishing line; 

3. Athletes must comply with the FTP recommendations for this period, namely the correct use of a surgical mask (known as disposable) during the entire period that they are at the race site, with the exception of the period included between the match and the goal. After the finish line, each athlete will be given a surgical mask, along with the goal kit;
4. Coaches and companions must have their own individual protection material in enough amount to use whenever necessary;
5. The document referring to the COVID-19 recommendations for the 2021 Sports Competitions, as well as the term of responsibility, must be made available and disseminated, preferably by electronic means, to all the people involved, including all the elements of the teams and referees, up to 72 hours before the start of the competition;
6. At the point of access to the race venue, defined in each event, a checkpoint will be placed to check the temperature of all people involved in the organization of the event;
7. This checkpoint must be equipped with a thermometer, alcohol-based solution, disposable masks, disinfectant wipes, surface disinfectant, waste container (with non-manual opening and plastic bag) and Portuguese General Health Direction (DGS) information material;
8. Athletes, staff, volunteers and FTP referees who are suspected of having symptoms of Coronavirus / COVID-19 contamination (cough, fever, difficulty breathing and high temperature, above 37.5ºC) cannot be allowed to have access to the competition site. In the presence of symptoms or high temperature measured at home, they should refrain from traveling and seek medical assistance through the Health Line number: 808 24 24 24;
9. If the temperature measured is above 37.5ºC (2x at a 5-minute interval), the possibility of participation or collaboration in the competition is automatically excluded. The person is advised to call their family doctor or Health Line 24;
10. After the temperature measurement (which must be in accordance with the defined parameters) and delivery of the term of responsibility, an inviolable bracelet is assigned to each person involved in the organization of the event, who can thus circulate in the duly authorized areas;

  1. The norms to define suspected cases are those issue by the Portuguese General Health Direction (DGS);
  2.  People who develop an acute respiratory condition with cough (frequent or worsening of the usual cough), or fever (temperature ? 38.0 ° C), or dyspnoea / difficulty breathing, are considered suspicious of COVID-19;

12. If a possible or probable case is detected, according to the signs and symptoms provided for in DGS Standard 004/2020, it must be directed to the isolation area, through the circuits defined in the specific Contingency Plan defined for COVID-19, ensuring that he/she is wearing a mask;
13. The isolation room / area must be marked on the Contingency Plan, as well as at the test site, where will be available with a kit with water and some non-perishable foods, alcohol-based solution, hand sanitizer, paper towels, surgical masks and, if possible, access to sanitary facilities for exclusive use;

14. In the isolation area, the SNS 24 must be contacted, in accordance with DGS Standard 004/2020, in compliance with the instructions received. At the same time, the procedures defined in the existing Contingency Plan and the cleaning and disinfection procedures must be complied with, in accordance with DGS Guideline No. 014/2020;

15. There will be no place for athletes to store backpacks or other individual material.


16. In view of the conditions in force at the date of the race due to COVID-19, the performance of the race must respect them. Thus, the schedules and formats for check-in, departures and prize deliveries may undergo changes that will be provided to athletes in advance.


First Run Course: Same Run course for the first and second run 

 - 10 km = 2 laps 

-Total Traffic free 

- Each lap 5 k lap, hilly, using the city centre (pavement) and Mafra Sportif Park (gravel) 

Cycle course – hilly and technical course, with 2 steep climbs and 1 narrow road. 30k lap 

- Total Traffic Free 

-Through city centre and nice surroundings of Mafra

 - Transition near Mafra Convent (world heritage), next to the start and finish

Second Run Course

 - 10 k = 2 laps 

- Total Traffic free 

- Each lap 5 k lap, hilly, using the city centre (pavement) and Mafra Sportif Park (gravel) 

More information: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1-hhRf3jAddw9FZTZS_hhaAAVCjLxqans&ll=38.97723622837974%2C-9.329787986163979&z=13


Prize money: 

1st woman 850$ 1st man 850$ 

2nd woman 650$ 2nd man 650 $

3rd woman 450$ 3rd man 450 $

4th woman 275$ 4th man 275$

5th woman 175$ 5th man 175$

6th woman 100$ 6th man 100$



For any questions, please contact us by email: isabelpintodacosta@federacao-triatlo.pt 

Web site: www.powermanportugal.pt


Race description 

1st Run description 
The departure is in front of the National Palace of Mafra, from the departure to the Sports Park, the course is on asphalt and slightly down. Asphalt and dirt track along the Sports Park. Return to the National Palace of Mafra on asphalt and slightly rising. 2nd lap equal to the first return. At the end of the 2nd lap, you have to go to the Transition Park. Attention, the race is always on the left side of the road and clockwise.

Bike description 
It is a very winding route, with technical curves, part of the route is very narrow with uphill and downhill, some of the slopes are accentuated.

Start at the Transition Park, towards right to Murgueira. In Murgueira take your right. You have a steep descent and some dangerous curves until arriving to Codeçal. In Codeçal the road becomes narrower and begins a climb up to Sobral da Abelheira.

Almost at the end of the village, take a left to Picanceira on a narrow and winding road at. At the end there are two cuts to the left. From Picanceira, the road becomes wider until the end of the lap. Ascending and descending, passing through the highway and at the end of the last cut to the left towards Mafra. Before arriving at the Palace, on the straight road before the Palace, return to start the 2nd lap that is exactly the same. At the end of the 2nd lap go to the Transition Park.

2nd run description 
Start at the Transition Park. The race is similar to the first run that goes to Sports Park on asphalt and slightly rising and the return to the National Palace of Mafra is on asphalt and slightly rising. At the end of the second run go to the finish line. Attention, the race is always on the left side of the road and clockwise.

Start, Finish Line and Transition Area of the competition will occur in the square facing the Royal Building of Mafra, a very Iconic and monumental location.

Powerman Portugal is organized by the Municipality of Mafra, International Powerman and Portugal Triathlon Federation.

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