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Elite results of Powerman Embrun: A challenge for all athletes

12. July 2021 (16:24 Uhr)

Powerman Embrun/France is in year one already a race you need to have on your bucket list.

Last year Powerman Embrun  was cancelled at the last moment due to Covid -19. But finally, this weekend, Powerman Embrun had its first edition. It is is a really hard race from start till the finish line but the breathtaking scenery and the good organisation make it worth it.

Seb Fuz, race director of Powerman Embrun and of course his team received compliments. "Very often, when the athletes crossed the finishline you could hear the word “Super”


The Elite races:

Male Elite

Daan De Groot (Holland), European Champion Middle Distance (MD) experienced already in the first run how hard the running course was. Jan Petralia (Belgium):, 2nd European Champion MD: “This was not my day, had no power in my legs, but wanted to finish! He showed strong mentality to finish 7th. Antony Costes (France), who won 2019 Powerman Malaysia finished 21st, Yannick Cadalen (France), was able to overtake Daan de Groot (Holland) in the second run of 10km and finished 2nd.

The surprises of the day came from young French athletes: Matthieu Bourgeois (Winner) and Flavian Lafay (4th). They were not only strong runners but also very strong cyclists on hilly course with about 1.700 altitude meters to overcome. Their results were really impressive.

Female Elite :
The French women Garance Blaut, Marion Legrand and Maurine Ricour were 1-2-3 after the first run, followed by Ann Schoot-Uiterkamp (Holland). After the first 10 km run and 60 km bike Marion Legrand and Garance Blaut came together in the transition area. But at the end, Marion Legrand was the strongest on the last 10 km to win 2021 Powerman Embrun. Ann Schoot -Uiterkamp, (Holland), 3rd at 2021 European Championships Duathlon also finished 3rd in Embrun. After two falls, one on the bike in a corner and one on the second run over a crossing dog.

Lotte Claes (Belgium) finished 4th and was happy with her strong result.


Female Elite Results

1. FR 03:33:15 - LEGRAND MARION 

2. FR 03:35:45 - BLAUT GARANCE 


4. BEL 03:41:05 - CLAES LOTTE 

5. FR 03:45:14 - RICOUR MAURINE 

6. GER 03:52:25 - KOBS ANJA 


8. FR 03:57:03 - COSTE MANON 

9. BEL 04:01:59 - CLAISSE EMMA 

10. FR 04:06:06 - HOFFBECK CLAIRE 

11. FR 04:06:40 - ANAND JESSICA 

Male Elite Results


2. FR 03:07:44 - CADALEN YANNICK 

3. NED 03:10:38 - DE-GROOT DAAN 

4. FR 03:13:04 - LAFAY FLAVIAN 

5. FR 03:14:40 - GUERBEUR NATHAN


7. BEL 03:18:12 - PETRALIA JAN 

8. FR 03:18:26 - MARO FLORIAN 

9. FR 03:19:12 - LE-DUEY ANTHONY 

10. FR 03:20:11 - LABADENS CEDRIC 


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